How we manage your data

The data protection law is changing. As an organisation that holds data about you, Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (KGH) is taking extra steps to ensure that we fully comply with the requirements under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

This is a summary of the information that you will need to know about how we will use, manage and safeguard your data under GDPR.

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Our commitment to you

We make the following commitments about the data we keep about you and the way that we protect it. We will:

  • Keep the right information to provide services and fulfil our legal responsibilities to you

  • Keep your records safe, secure and accurate

  • Only keep your information as long as necessary

  • Collect, store and use the information you provide to the data protection standards and the laws that govern data protection

  • Comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which requires that the way we manage your personal data is fair, lawful and transparent.

Why we need your data

If we don’t have up to date and accurate information about you, it may affect the quality of treatment and care that we are able to provide to you. 

We hold information about you in order to be able to:

  • Confirm who you are when we contact you, or when you contact us

  • Provide the treatment and care that you need

  • Make decisions about your future treatment and care

  • Make sure your care is safe and effective

  • Check the quality of your care

  • Help investigate concerns or complaints that you or your family may have.

  • We may also ask you to volunteer to take part in health research and, if you do want to take part, we will ask for your agreement to use your data for this research.

  • We may also use your data, or part of it, for other reasons:

  • Receive funding and keep track of spending

  • Teach and train our staff

  • Manage and plan our services

  • Help investigate concerns or complaints that you or your family may have

Sharing your data

We do not share your data with commercial companies or third parties (except where third parties provide services under strict contracts, which support your care and treatment).

We do share your data with:

  • NHS organisations who also provide your treatment and care – for example another hospital

  • Health and care professionals who provide care to you outside of hospital – for example GPs or midwives

  • NHS services which work as a network, caring for patients from a wider geographic area – for example radiology 

We may also share your data with other public services that may be providing support or part of the treatment and care you need. This may include:

  • Social Care services

  • Education services

  • Other local authority departments and services

  • Voluntary and private sector providers working under contract to the NHS

Where we do share your data, there are agreements in place to safeguard your information. 

Your rights

You have certain legal rights, including a right to have your information processed fairly and lawfully and a right to access any identifiable information we hold about you. 

You have the right to privacy and to expect KGH to keep your information confidential and secure. 


You also have a right to request that your confidential information is not used beyond your own care and treatment and to have your objections considered. 

If you want to know more...    

Download the full privacy notice

If you have any concerns about how we keep and manage your personal information, please discuss this with a member of the team providing your care at KGH.